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Metal Working - Machining Supplies - Punch & Die Set
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40105 Precision Punch & Die Set,Economical way to make washers,shims and gaskets

Precision Brand Punch & Die Set, Use: Economical way to make washers, shims and gaskets
$247.24 / Each

40110 Precision "TRU PUNCH" Punch & Die Set,Makes perfect washers

Precision Brand "TRU PUNCH" Punch & Die Set, Use: Makes perfect, custom washers, shims and gaskets in seconds, Style: Exclusive, patented punch, pilot and pin system
$354.61 / Each

40200 Precision "THE BIG TRU PUNCH" Punch & Die Set,Cuts brass,copper

Precision Brand "THE BIG TRU PUNCH" Punch & Die Set, Use: Cuts brass, copper, aluminum, rubber and plastic effortlessly up to .020 in thick
$471.52 / Each

40300 Precision "TRU PUNCH" Punch & Die Set,Metric 10

Precision Brand "TRU PUNCH" Punch & Die Set, Type: Metric 10
$357.76 / Each

40999 Precision Punch & Die Stand,Custom fit

Precision Brand Punch & Die Stand, Use: Custom fit, sturdy, steel die stand provides solid support for consistent shim and washer fabricating
$45.45 / Each