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Genius Speaks #2: What is YOUR Most Cost-Effective MRO Procurement Method?

More than just an MRO distributor!

MRO Genius is part of the FAST-Rite family. We've been selling components to — and managing the supply chains of — Fortune 500 OEMs for more than 25 years.

Walk down virtually any big box store in North America, and you'll see our parts used in their products all over the place, maybe even in every single aisle.

Our Productivity Geniuses minimize your hard and soft cost expense, your transaction cost and improve your production efficiency.

Talk to one of our Productivity Geniuses at 630.348.3482. Ask for a custom site assessment and quote. We’ll help you save as much as 20% on your MROs through buying, ordering, and supplying smarter.


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